Gearing Up

In Adventure Time: Time Tangle, there is a bunch of temporary equipment that you can use on your quests. Here’s how it works:

Punch a bunch of bad guys and break stuff to make coins fly out. Collect these coins to raise that treasure meter on the left side of the screen.


If your treasure meter is full when you complete a quest, a chest will appear and you can select one of three randomly chosen pieces of equipment. Each one has a totally different effect! These range wildly from increasing the strength of your charge punches, allowing Finn to take more of a beating, sucking up nearby coins and collectables, increasing the strength of your friends’ abilities, and a whole bunch more.


All of this gear stacks, so play well and Finn will soon be armed from head to toe with an eclectic assortment of makeshift battle equipment!

What will YOUR Finn look like?

What will YOUR Finn look like?

But look out! This fancy equipment is temporary, so Finn returns to normal when he eventually falls in battle.

Time Tangle was designed this way for a few reasons. The equipment system in general provides a good reward for players who take bigger risks to break objects and collect coins rather than always playing it safe. We give you a choice out of three possible items so that you sometimes need to make a tough decision between totally different power-ups that you like equally.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s pretty dang fun to experiment with different builds and uncover the equipment that works best for your personal play style!

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