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Time Tangle is out now!

You can grab Adventure Time: Time Tangle starting today for your mobile thing of choice! Some handy links: iTunes Google Play Amazon Cartoon Network’s game page and commercial   This is by far the highest profile project I’ve had the chance to be a part of, so needless to say I’m pretty excited. Have fun, […]

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Gearing Up

In Adventure Time: Time Tangle, there is a bunch of temporary equipment that you can use on your quests. Here’s how it works: Punch a bunch of bad guys and break stuff to make coins fly out. Collect these coins to raise that treasure meter on the left side of the screen. If your treasure meter is full when […]

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Time Tangle is finished!

It’s been a busy last couple of months, but I’m happy to say that Adventure Time: Time Tangle is officially finished and will be released in less than a month from now! I’ll be back to posting stuff about it on a regular schedule soon.

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Making Friends

As fans of Adventure Time, one of the most satisfying things about making Time Tangle was putting in all the special abilities for characters from the show. It works like this: during your random questing, you’ll sometimes find a mob of enemies chasing one of your friends (like say, a an angry flock of chickens going […]

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Original building blocks

When I first started talking with Cartoon Network about potentially creating an Adventure Time game, I had just released my endless runner parody Indiana Stone. We had a good workflow for creating voxel-style art (we called it “9-bit,” as in “8-bit to the next dimension.” I thought it was clever.) Naturally, we started off by exploring […]

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Feeling Punchy

As a game developer, where do you start when you want it to feel really good to punch things in the face? Without the right visual effects, a strong impact in a videogame is as satisfying as hitting a wall with a sock when it should feel like smashing a window with a waffle iron. Without the […]


Adding to the Formula

It’s no secret that Time Tangle is a spiritual successor of sorts to my last game, Indiana Stone. They’re both fast-paced, high-energy action games where skilled players are rewarded by being able to blast forward at top speed and bust through oncoming obstacles. So what kind of changes have been made to the formula? Well, […]

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