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Jest to Impress

Our latest game has finally been announced! CN Journeys VR is a collaboration between myself, Paper Crane Games, and a bunch of other talented artists, animators, and creators from Cartoon Network! It was super fun to be given the chance to do design and programming for the jester game in this collaboration. Look forward to […]

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Scoop’n Birds

  We just released a game for New Nintendo 3DS! Scoop’n Birds is meticulously designed to be the greatest game ever made about scooping birds. Elegantly weave your scoop across the play area using your stylus in this frantic action game. Buy it today on the Nintendo eShop!

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Time Tangle is out now!

You can grab Adventure Time: Time Tangle starting today for your mobile thing of choice! Some handy links: iTunes Google Play Amazon Cartoon Network’s game page and commercial   This is by far the highest profile project I’ve had the chance to be a part of, so needless to say I’m pretty excited. Have fun, […]

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Adventure Time: Time Tangle

Of course, the big news is that we’ve been hard at work on an amazingly cool game featuring everyone’s favorite human and stretchy dog! Click the icon to the right over there to get on over to the game’s development blog. On April 11 we’ll be releasing more details. Starting then, the development blog will […]


New Site Layout

It was time for some spring cleaning here on the TwinSky Games site. Things are a bit sparse right now, but in the near future you can look forward to external blogs that chronicle the development of upcoming games, retrospectives of previous projects, plenty of ramblings regarding design theory, unusual reviews of games that I’ve played, and a goatload of extras. Have fun, and […]

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