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Adding to the Formula

It’s no secret that Time Tangle is a spiritual successor of sorts to my last game, Indiana Stone. They’re both fast-paced, high-energy action games where skilled players are rewarded by being able to blast forward at top speed and bust through oncoming obstacles. So what kind of changes have been made to the formula? Well, […]

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Adventure Time: Time Tangle

Of course, the big news is that we’ve been hard at work on an amazingly cool game featuring everyone’s favorite human and stretchy dog! Click the icon to the right over there to get on over to the game’s development blog. On April 11 we’ll be releasing more details. Starting then, the development blog will […]

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New Site Layout

It was time for some spring cleaning here on the TwinSky Games site. Things are a bit sparse right now, but in the near future you can look forward to external blogs that chronicle the development of upcoming games, retrospectives of previous projects, plenty of ramblings regarding design theory, unusual reviews of games that I’ve played, and a goatload of extras. Have fun, and […]

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I’m Tim Winsky; designing wacky & unique games is how I roll. Game development is always a lot of work, but it’s worth it as long as you can have fun during the process.